34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

Devin J. Naqvi (also known as Devthegunner) is the creator and the bureaucrat of the site. As of this moment, he has made over 6,000 edits on his site that he made in May of 2018.

User info

Before being here, he used to edit pages on The Hunger Games wiki, but the pages were shut down and deleted because the editors there were mismatched pieces of dog shit. He also goes undercover as the account name SecretAgentRandyBeans05 at The Hunger Games wiki to talk to people. This account has been used to edit pages here because Devin is too lazy sometimes to switch accounts.

Later, he would find a site called, "The 66th Hunger Games wiki," in which he found interest in, since he found much more info about the victors there. He also made over 260 edits there and helped the creator (Michiel Korte) make numerous pages on the victors. He did this by getting info and also editing pages on the Fanshungergames wiki. After this, he was inspired to make wattpad stories on past victors that haven't been made for, like Thorburn, Rummage, Wade, Magnus, Tule, etc. The person that would make the art covers for him was a friend named Helen Zhao.

After this, he made the site and made 40 pages in one day. This would later decrease, as he received help from other users like Madison Lynd, Matthew Leahy, and other people. His main objective of the site was to make pages on just the victors, but he decided to change his motive and do every character instead.

Personal Info

Devin was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in Feb 17th, 2005. When he was 2, he had to move to MA since his father received a good job there. He is one of the 5 siblings - one 2 year old, one 4 year old (dead), me, an older 15 older brother, and and even older 24 year old brother. He lived in MA 9 years and made good friends, grades, and made his YouTube channel there. After 9 years of living there, his father received a even better job that paid very well. 2-3 years later, while still living there, but not in Baton Rogue, he would make this site.