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Dakota Hood was the female from District 10 that competed in the 74th Hunger Games. She was mentored by Tiffany Waxler.


In the movie, she is seen first in the Tribute Parade, riding on the chariots wearing golden cowboy hats, shirts, and pants, representing people who herd livestock, since she was obviously from District 10, trying to represent her home.

The 74th Hunger Games

During the Cornucopia Bloodbath, she ran for supplies like most of the tributes that year. She nearly survived the entire bloodbath, but she was spotted by Clove Kentwell and was swiftly killed. She was the last person to die in the bloodbath. Her death portrait was the last one seen by Katniss Everdeen.


  • Her odds of winning were 10-1.
  • She weighed 112 pounds when she was in the Hunger Games.
  • She was supposedly the second person killed, but according to the scoreboard shown when the District 8 Female was killed, she was the fourteenth tribute to die. This is how we know she was the last person to die in the bloodbath.
  • People had speculated that she was killed by Glimmer Belcourt with a short sword at the end of the bloodbath but this rumor was put to rest when Dakota said that her character was killed by Clove instead.