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Coralista is the wife of Gaius Snow. She is the daughter of Calista Snow. She is also the mother of Caligulanus Snow and Corlana Snow.




A born leader, she ruled her nation with an iron fist. It was under her reign that surveillance technology was planted in all the districts and the fences were built to keep people contained. She was not as paranoid and cruel as her successors would be. Only seven people were found to say things inflammatory enough for her to take action during her entire reign. Coralista's reign was not as cruel as that of her successors, but she continued her father's trend of steadily squeezing resources off from the outlying Districts. She was also deeply paranoid, setting up many security provisions such as the electric fences which she claimed were to protect the residents from the dangers of the wild-lands. Her reign came to an abrupt end when she was 48 years old and supposedly in excellent health. They found her in her private dining room with her face in a bowl of soup. While no obvious signs of foul play were evident, many suspected that her son Caligulanus slipped her one of the new untraceable poisons that were being made on the Black Market.

Because she saw that her son was not fit to rule, she had held a private meeting with two of her most trusted Cabinet members, stating that she intended to alter the succession to exclude Caligulanus and go straight to Corlana. Rumour had it that one of them let slip the plans within earshot of a Caligulanus supporter, or that one of them warned him himself. Regardless, it was rather convenient for him that she died before she could make the alterations.