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The Cayhen Family is a member of the 13 Patriarch Families of the Capitol and is one of the most powerful and noble families. The family is most well known for Head Gamemaker, Lysander Cayhen who was in charge of the games for only one year.

The History

The Cayhen name was spoiled in 71 ADD as Lysander pulled a cruel trick on a tribute from District 3, who was a favourite. The Capitol was not happy so Lysander was fired. His two children Levinus and Lavinia tried to threaten the new Head Gamemaker, Janus Weaveful, who fired their father but killed him in the process by accident. Seneca Crane was employed that year as the third Head gamemaker of The 71st Hunger Games.

Levinus and Lavinia fled through four districts untill they were caught in District 12. Levinus, who'd been reported as the murderer was killed immidiatly and Lavinia was captured and reduced to being an Avox.


  • Lysander Cayhen
  • Lemone Cayhen
  • Lavinia Cayhen
  • Levinus Cayhen