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Calista Snow is the wife of President Coremus Snow and mother of his two children Coralista and Calemus Snow


Born in the powerful and rich James Family, Calista grew up in quite a rich invironment. She married her husband Coremus when she was only 21. Her daughter was already president by that time.

Coremus was not blessed with the beauty his parents had possessed, and Calista was often described as having a lizard face. They knew next to nothing about each other except all the bullshit hype their respective families had fed them over the years. 

Calista wasn't a bad person in general, but she never let go of the resentment she felt toward her husband and both their families for duping her into the arrangement. In spite of their animosity toward each other Coremus and Calista had two children, Coralista and Calemus. Coremus was not a very active father, but Calista preferred to look after her children directly rather than have a nanny do it. It provided her some joy in her situation.

Calista lived for another nineteen years after her husband's death, seeing her daughter well into her reign. She contracted a form of uterine cancer that the doctors could not cure because she had ignored her symptoms for too long. She was put on a morphling prescription for the pain, but rather than linger for years wasting away she decided to get it over with and took a triple dose, ending her life peacefully in bed.