Bishop Hadley

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"The District 2 male, Bishop, a tall and muscular kid with light skin and straight blackish hair is throwing spears and hitting the bulls-eye target with ease."

Bishop Hadley was the male tribute from District 2 that participated in The 66th Hunger Games. It is unknown if he volunteered or not, but he probably did since he was from the Career districts. He had straight blackish hair and is said to be muscular as well. He was a ruthless killing machine, just like his younger brother, and did whatever needed to be done to survive.


As the story goes, when Jackson was rewatching the highlights of that year's reaping, he saw him and his district partner become the next tributes. Its said that they looked pretty ferocious.


During training, he is seen throwing spears at targets, not missing a single shot and hitting every bulls-eye. He instantly teams up with the Career alliance.

Hunger Games

In the bloodbath, even though it's not mentioned in the book its said by the author that he killed the District 7 Female and the District 9 Female with a knife and a spear. Later, on day 2, Bishop made an agreement that if whoever won the fight against each other (which was the District 6 Female and Jackson), the winner would be in their alliance. When Jackson won the fight, Bishop congratulated Jackson for his victory and he joined the pack. Later, when the newly formed pack encountered a dead wolf, the only source of food in the entire arena, he was willing to eat and sleep in the carcass to sustain heat if he had to.

Later in the stages of the Games, Bishop finds a cave so him and the others can have shelter in the blizzard. Whenever the ground caves in, Bishop plants his spear in the ice so he doesn't fall in the spiked pit. However, Jackson kicks him away from his spear, and he fell into the spikes, impaling him, which led to his death. Lucky for Jackson, the other Careers were so busy trying to save themselves that they didn't notice that Jackson had just killed one of their team members. When asked about his death, Jackson made up a lie about his demise so he wouldn't be killed by the pack. Still, however, the Careers also didn't notice that Jackson had his spear that he used in the Games.

Post Games

When his younger brother, Cato saw him die, he swore to avenge his death and volunteered to be in the Games 8 years later. However, he too would get killed, but he placed a higher rank than he did, placing 3d out of 24 and Bishop placed 10th to 11th out of 24.

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