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Berglind is the 6th victor of District 2. She won The 36th Hunger Games at age of 16. She was also seen present in the meeting with Alma Coin.


36th Hunger Games

Berglind won these Games by receiving a sword and a shield she received from the sponsors, making it the most expensive sponsor ever in an Hunger Games. This means that she had to be a very likable person to receive such a gift. Also, her odds of winning were 6-1.

48th Hunger Games

She mentored the victor Kurt Bonatz this year. As we know, Kurt won by using an axe.

Mockingjay and Death

She was killed during the battle of District 2 by the rebels along with Lyme Rabe, Magnus, Kurt, and Abigail.

When District 13 was breaking in the Capitol to retrieve the fellow victors, her name was seen on a pillar with her fellow victors from the same district.