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Augustus Braun is the victor of The 67th Hunger Games. He is nicknamed, "The Cavileer Career", and also, "Panem's Favorite Son". Because of these titles, he was obviously very famous in Panem for being victor and because of his looks. He won his Games at age 17. He trained in a special academy in District 1 at a very young age, so when he was reaped, he was already a lethal enemy, making the chances of having a career win much higher.

However, his name wasn't seen in the list of victors with his district, making him a other victor, meaning that the real victor of these games was a different person. This probably means that he was just a Capitol model. Before being picked for the Games, he was popular in his school and knew how to horseback ride. He is seen as bright and optimistic.


67th Games

During his interview, he is very funny and appealing to the crowd. Its also known that his odds of winning were 3 - 1, which weren't that surprising for a career like him.

During this time, he easily made allies with all of the other careers, and became the leader of the alliance. He killed the district 8 and 7 male during the bloodbath, and two of his career allies died during the bloodbath, killed by people who weren't careers. On day 2, he killed Maria Mellark during nighttime. However, when the alliance was shrinking, the other remaining careers made a plan to kill him. However, since he was very skilled in hand to hand combat and was agile with a sword, he defended himself and killed the rest of him. Later, with the other remaining tributes were killed from poisonous rain and fireballs that fired out of cannons from the Gamemakers, he was crowned the winner that year.

67th Victory Tour

Augustus goes all over Panem, starting in District 12 to District 1 as all victors do. He wears a completely white suit, and apparently, being proud of having won, according to Capitol Couture.


Augustus was killed during the Victor's Purge along with his parents. Another sign he died at this time is because he didn't show up in the meeting to hold another Hunger Games shortly after the Capitol's overthrow. However, this was debunked, since he obviously isn't a real victor, and just died coincidentally during the same time. However, another source says that he was killed in an explosion during the second half of the Second Rebellion.


  • The name Augustus a Roman name. It means "person to be respected". It also has other meanings such as "Revered", "Radiant" and even "person who dresses ridiculous".