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Alto Combe (sometimes his last name is called "Coombe" is the Victor of The 59th Hunger Games, winning them at the age of 17. He is from District 10.

59th Hunger Games

Before the Games would start, his odds of winning would be 2 - 1. This made the careers very afraid of him.

The arena was very complex, with it being a light pod arena. During the bloodbath, there were many casualties. only 5 deaths in the bloodbath would be from tributes, while the other 12 would be from the light pods, including half of the careers. Alto pushed a career into a live light pod while fighting over a backpack, killing the tribute.

He also killed a girl in the bloodbath with a khopesh and a scythe, and pushed her corpse in a light pod that disintegrated her remains into nothing. On day 2, a career accidentally activated a plate on the floor, which activated the light pods in her area for one min. However, in that time, all of the careers died, along with another tribute, leaving only three tributes on day 3, which was the final day.

Alto would later see the other two tributes fighting, one boy from 7 and a boy from 11, with the boy from 7 killing the other male with an axe hitting his head. Alto would then slaughter the boy from 7, sustaining a wound from a leg from the axe of the other tribute. Since he was the only one left in such a short amount of time, there was a twist where there'd be the dead tributes coming back to life again by using their DNA. Because of this, the Games took 6 days long to complete, and Alto killed 12 tributes with a huge amount of weapons since he received so many sponsors for being the last one to live before there were the tributes coming back to life again. He used a falchion, a double ended sword that would detach into two swords if needed, and an axe that Alto dipped in poison. 7 of his kills were from careers, making him the person who killed the most careers ever.

Second Rebellion

During this time, he was one of the many victors who died at this time, since he rebelled from the Capitol. When District 13 broke in the Capitol to save the remaining victors held hostage, his name was seen on a black pillar, along with his other victors from 10.


  • Instead of a scythe, one of his main weapons in the Games was supposed to be a sickle but they were switched by accident.
  • His name in Latin means: "high" and "tall".